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Short Play Festival
Anglistisches Seminar
Universität Heidelberg



25.06.: 11:00-13:00 (opening day)
26.06./ 30.06./ 05.07. at 20:00

Not Amused - Comedy/Farce
Characters and Cast:
The Muse - Denis Schröder
Monika Hartenauer
Director: Tina Hüther
Teaser: “Poets!”

Actually Quite Normal - Tragicomedy
Characters and Cast:
Dan - Martin Zettersten
Sue - Carina Pfau
Dr. Flick - Ivana Banovic
Director and Author: Anne Fichtelmann
Teaser: "Not the only freak around"

Rope-A-Dope – Drama
Alix Christen
Michael Heger
Jonas Hock
Director: Oliver Thomas
Author: Nicolas Bachofner
Teaser: "Blud, what's going on? You alright? You look completely blown away. Though that was only a small one. Gotta love that stuff, wipes you off your feet like proper straight!"

Realities - "A sort of funny" tragedy
Characters and Cast:
She 1 - Barbara Krzoska
He 1 -   Max Diehm
She 2 - Caroline Gaunt
He 2 -   Johannes Suess
Author and Director: Nadja Seitz
Teaser: "You'll need to pay more than money to make things right. You can't make them right. I can't. Fuck, no one ever can."

A Friend - Drama
Characters and Cast:
Mark - Thomas Kirchner

Sarah  - Sarah Ulrich

Anne - Katrin Pfändler

Ralph - Jan Enss

Author and Director: Petra Schwab
"Oh, yeah, little Paul. Paul Cooper I think… yeah… he still had braces at the prom… God knows what happened to him… HE probably wouldn’t have started an affair with his best friend’s girlfriend."

A Horse and Two Goats - A Postcolonial Short Story
Characters and Cast:
The American - Ann-Marie Keane 
Muni - Sarah Belusa 
Director:  Simone Falk
Author: Original short story written by R.K. Narayan (Copyright (c) 1965 by R. K. Narayan); first published in The New Yorker.  It has been adapted for the stage by Elise Kranepuhl with the approval of the Estate of R. K. Narayan.
Adapted by:
Elise Kranenpuhl
“Do you understand English at all? Is that Tamil that you’re speaking?”

25.06.: 14:00-16:00 (opening day)
27.06./ 01.07./ 06.07. at 20:00

There’s Someone in the Habit of Hitting Me on the Head with an Umbrella - Satire

Lea Herfs
Saskia Lindemann

Annemieke Drummen
Fernando Sorrentino (original title: "There’s a man in the habit of hitting me on the head with an umbrella", 1972)
Adapted for the stage by:
Lea Herfs
Teaser: "Could you please stop?"

Happily Ever After - Drama
Characters and Cast:
Ashley - Carina Pfau
Phillip - Jörg Wiedmaier
Author and Director:
Katrin Güthlein
Teaser: "Do you remember how you were wearing these shoes on our first date?"

(Not) Allowed-to-Know - Tragic comedy
Characters and Cast:
Bile Hood - Amir Eid
Allan Lesny –Alexander Bluhm
Paula Hood-McPool - Steffanie Grynaeus
Mrs Acsalaw: Caroline Caunt
Sweeny - Christian Soeder
Woman one - Anne Fichtelmann
Woman two - Katrin Güthlein
Author and Director:
Sylvia Mieskes
Teaser: This is the last time I'll ask you this question: What's his weakness, Sweeny?- Women.

Ménage à trois - Drama
Characters and Cast:
Sarah - Katharina Soherr
Martina - Stefanie Duemig
Olivia - Nicole Menge
Author: Elke Zenker
Director:Andre-Claude Clapson with the participation of Jeff Silence
Production: Sara Dawood, Nicole Menge
Teaser: "We’re just moving in together. And you’re coming, too."

Family affairs - Drama
Characters and Cast:
Mother - Katharina Soherr
Sarah - Stefanie Duemig
Diana - Sara Dawood
Selina - Nicole Menge
Author: Sara Dawood
Andre-Claude Clapson with the participation of Jeff Silence
Production: Sara Dawood, Nicole Menge
Teaser: "She controls our whole life. I can’t breathe at home.”

Rendevous - Comedy
Characters and
Jean-Pierre - Amir Eid
Flora - Simone Falk
Susan - Sarah Belusa
Waiter - Amir Mohsenpour
Director: Almuth Schäfer
Katharina Happes
"...and now I've met you, a real Frenchman. Lucky me."

25.06.: 18:00-20:00 (opening day)
28.06./ 02.07./ 07.07. at 20:00

Wake up! - Comedy

Gregor Hollender
Cila Brosius
Thomas Kirchner
Max Diehm
Author and Director: Michael Stötter
Teaser: "Not telling you!"

Frankenstein Lives! - A dramatic discussion about science
Characters and Cast:

Prof. F. Victorious, a modern scientist - Mike Shiels
Mary, a middle-aged writer - Kirsten Hertel
Johannes Süss
Author: Kirsten Hertel
Teaser: She wanted it this way; she did that to me; she is my creator.”

--no longer available--
Characters and Cast:
----Jonas Hock
----Nadja Seitz
----Nadja Bechtold
Author and Director:
Antonija Cavcic

The Editor - Comedy 
Characters and Cast:
Mr White - Jeff Silence 
Mrs Schwartz - Liridone Nikqi
Frau Heger - Caroline Gaunt

Ms Stone - Almuth Schäfer
Amanda Emanuel Smith
Director: Antoine Verleih
"Suddenly nobody wanted to act Shakespeare, everbody wanted to be Shakespeare, and everyone needed an Editor. And now I'm left to edit lousy plays by lousy writers."

The Therapeutic Hour -Drama
Characters and Cast: 
Ken - Jonas Hock
Jane - Nadja Seitz
Steven Bloom
Antoine Verleih
"I already told you, I don't do kinky."

25.06.: 21:00-23:00 (opening day)

29.06./ 03.07./ 08.07. at 20:00

The Delivery - Virtual satire
Characters and Cast:
Mr. Moore – Gabriel Nonnenmacher
Robin – Gregor Hollender
Amazon Deliverer – Lisa Bertz
Pizza Deliverer – Antoni Rucinski
Author and Director: Antonija Cavcic
Teaser: " Brand new, blah blah blah euro.Blah blah day delivery. Bingo. Add to cart. Pay now.Your delivery has been processed. Cool."

Subconscious Awareness - Drama
Characters and Cast:
Jason Smith - Martin Zettersten
B lack Guy - Ingo Reinhard
Therapist - Stephanie Grynaeus
Student 1 - Gaugau Zhang
Student 2 - Elena Gultschenko
Student 3 - Johanna Roller

Author and Director: Duygu Yilmaz
Teaser: "Yes, exactly. Still his dirty Jeans, his torn up white shirt. His face was bloody, as always...so were his clothes. Dirty, torn up...he just kept looking at me."

Deliverance - Satire/black comedy
Characters and cast:

Immigrants - Wilfried Domainko, William Ledbetter, Shubei Wang, Lisa Bertz, Antoni Rucinski
Officers 1,2,3 – Sarah Ulrich, Alix Christen, Alice Williams
Death – Jörg Wiedmaier
Author and Director: Antonija Cavcic
easer: "Closed for Mandatory Morning Tea"

Michael, Out of Shape - Satire
Characters and Cast:
Unity - Marina Machauer
Michael - Michael Heger
Director and Author: Jörg Wiedmaier
"Our family has always been a bunch of greedy bastards"

Crime without Victim - Victim without Crime - A drama of conflicting legal and moral interests
Characters and Cast:
Police Sergeant - Johannes Süss
Police Officer - Jakob Möritz 
Driver -  Désirée Link
Guy - Martin  Zettersten
Sarah Belusa Author: Dominique Ehrler
Teaser: “Crime without victim - victim without crime”

Aloona - Fantasy
Characters and Cast:
Liz - Ellena Heinz 
Abo - Jan Enss
Mehoona - Anne Fichtelmann

Vivi - Lisa Maria Voigt

Director and Author: Lea Herfs
Teaser: "She can see us!"


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