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Short Play Festival
Anglistisches Seminar
Universität Heidelberg


Group 2

25.06.: 14:00-16:00 (opening day)
27.06./ 01.07./ 06.07. at 20:00

F.H. Sorrentino, There’s Someone in the Habit of Hitting me on the Head With an Umbrella
(R: Annemieke Drummen)

K. Güthlein, Happily Ever After
(R: Katrin Güthlein)

S. Mieskes, Not Allowed to Know
(R: Sylvia Mieskes)

E. Zenker, Menage a Trois
(R: André Clapson)

S. Dawood, Family Affairs
(R: André Clapson)

K. Happes, Rendevouz
(R: Almuth Schäfer)

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