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Short Play Festival
Anglistisches Seminar
Universität Heidelberg


Group 4

25.06.: 21:00-23:00 (opening day)
29.06./ 03.07./ 08.07. at 20:00

A. Cavcic, The Delivery
(R: Antonija Cavcic)

D. Yilmaz, Subconscious Awareness
(R: Duygu Yilmaz)

A. Cavcic, Deliverance
(R: Antonija Cavcic)

J. Wiedmaier, Michael, Out of Shape
(R: Jörg Wiedmaier)

D. Ehrler, Crime Without Victim - Victim Without Crime
(R: Sarah Belusa)

L. Herfs, Aloona
(R: Lea Herfs)

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