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Short Play Festival
Anglistisches Seminar
Universität Heidelberg


What's it going to cost you?

If you are a student the price per ticket is 4 EURO.
For everyone else, the price is 6 EURO.

Take advantage of the
4 nights for 16 EURO, Students 10 EURO.

You can purchase tickets at the door (Romanischer Keller, daily at 19:00) or take advantage of these options:
1.) reserving / advance booking of tickets via the email address or
2.) purchasing them in our advance ticket sale running the week prior to the festival in the Foyer of the Anglistisches Seminar, Kettengasse 12, 68117 Heidelberg (Altstadt), weekdays between 12:00 and 14:00 beginning Friday, June 17th.

Play Details:

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